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Zahra al-Harazi Day job: Creative director and co-founder of design studio Foundry Creative Born: Sanaa, Yemen Age when you moved to Canada: 26 First job in Canada: Junior designer at a small design company Net worth: $3-million Signs of promise: Joined Trigger Communications and was running its design department within a year Street cred: Top 40 under 40 in 2009 Do you give back? Sit on the board of Immigrant Services Calgary

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Michael Lee-Chin Day job: Chairman and CEO of Portland Investment Counsel and Chairman of Portland Holdings Inc., and National Commercial Bank of Jamaica. Born: Port Antonio, Jamaica How old were you when you moved to Canada? 19 First job in Canada? Bouncer Net worth? $1-billion Signs of promise? Short on tuition, wrote to the Jamaican prime minister and asked him to “invest in Jamaica’s future.” Street cred? Ranked 701 in the latest Forbes Billionaire List. Do you give back? Donated $30-million to the Royal Ontario Museum in 2003, giving it the eponymous crystal.

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Mike Lazaridis Day job? Founder and co-CEO of Research In Motion (RIM) Ltd., creator of BlackBerry. Born? Istanbul, Turkey How old were you when you moved to Canada? 5 First job in Canada? A co-op term at Control Data Corp., a supercomputer company. Net worth? $1.9-billion Signs of promise? Won a Windsor public library prize for reading every single science book in the library. Do you give back? Donated over $100-million to the University of Waterloo, $150-million to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Street cred? Listed on the TIME 100 List of Most Influential People.

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Peter Munk Day job? Chairman and founder of Barrick Gold Corp. Born? Budapest, Hungary How old were you when you moved to Canada? 19 First job in Canada? Picking tobacco leaves in Delhi, Ont. Net worth? $350-million Street cred? Companion of the Order of Canada Signs of promise? Built a fledgling oil and gas company into the world’s largest gold-mining corporation. Do you give back? Founded the Peter Munk Charitable Foundation, dispersing about $100-million to date. Donated $43-million to Toronto General Hospital and $50.9-million to the University of Toronto.

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Anu Raina Day job? Designer Born? Kashmir, India How old were you when you moved to Canada? 35 First job in Canada? Full time mother to two children Net worth? Undetermined (her business opened last year) Signs of promise? Declared one of “hottest upcoming designers in Canada” by the head of LG Fashion Week and president of Fashion Design Council of Canada, Robin Kay. Ms. Kay was so impressed that she waived off her fees. Street cred? A mural of her mother is displayed at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.


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