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Tracing the disappearance of three young men

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Ferid Imam was a valued member of his high school soccer team.

John Woods

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Two of the very best on DCI's soccer squad - Vito L. and Ferid I. are the kind of players that coaches dream about.

John Woods

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Miawand Yar was an engineering student of Afghan decent who underwent a dramatic personality change after being charged with selling crack. He grew is beard, changed his dress and devoted himself to study.

John Woods

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Muhannad al-Farekh was born in Texas and educated in Jordan. He, along with Miawand Yar and Ferid Imam belonged to the Muslim Students Association at the University of Manitoba.

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The three made the pilgrimage to Mecca together in late 2006.


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The three men left Canada in early 2007 and were spotted in Peshawar, Pakistan. The trail then led to Waziristan on the border with Afghanistan. Family members haven't heard from them in more than two years. The last communication was a brief phone call to Mr. al-Farekh's father.

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President Obama and former president Bush were given secret briefings on the men's journey to Pakistan. FBI agents travelled to Abu Dhabi to interview Muhannad al-Farekh's father.

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