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Verbatim at the Ghomeshi trial: Key moments from the three women’s testimony in court


At the Ghomeshi trial: Key moments from the three women's testimony

For two weeks in a Toronto courtroom, three witnesses appeared in person to testify in the sexual-assault trial of Jian Ghomeshi, once a star on-air personality for CBC Radio. Here's what the women had to say

Illustrations by Alexandra Newbould/The Canadian Press

With reports from Simon Houpt, Eric Andrew-Gee and The Canadian Press


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Margaret Wente: The Ghomeshi trial turns into a fiasco If the case collapses – as seems increasingly likely – lots of people will be outraged, and will want to know why. And other people will wonder if there ever really was a case at all.
Analysis: The Jian Ghomeshi media circus may end up helping his case Interviews that complainants gave detailing allegations of sexual abuse are now being used as key elements in his defence, Simon Houpt writes.
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