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I have always admired and appreciated Rob's passionate advocacy for his friend Gerard Kennedy. But sadly, a supposed report from the Liberal infrastructure critic, endorsed by Michael Ignatieff, hardly merits a response. Unless Mr. Kennedy has found the missing millions from the Liberal sponsorship scandal, I don't generally pay much attention to his mutterings.

It is interesting to note that the place where Iggy and Kennedy chose to launch their attack on the government was at a project site that is not slated to begin until May of 2010. The date was chosen by the City of Burlington. Never let facts get in the way of Liberal spin.

Apparently, in his propaganda pamphlet Mr. Kennedy neglected to mention the significant investments the Harper government is making in the Spadina Subway extension, Sheppard LRT line, and Union Station in Toronto. Unless there was an election I slept through last night, I believe Toronto is still not awash in a sea of Tory blue yet it is rightly getting its share of greenbacks to do much needed infrastructure work.

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Now if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for Muammar Gadhafi's surprise stop in my province. I think his tent would be best set up on windy Signal Hill. Nature can run its course after that. Some strange happenings on the Rock between this fueling break and my family home being burglarized last night. The world seems a little out of order today.

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