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Liberal MP and foreign affairs critic Bob Rae holds a news conference in Ottawa on Feb. 24, 2011.


Has Bob Rae lost the plot?

Skinny-dipping with Rick Mercer is one thing but calling Conservative government staffers "jihadis" is quite another. His comments are likely born out of frustration from his party's current anemic polling numbers. When they hit the low 20s in public opinion - Abacus Data records their current standing at 23 per cent - Liberal tongues become weapons of mass destruction.

But by baring his soul in such a way Mr. Rae comes across as a bit of an ass. Were he a Conservative MP making such a comment he would be subject to a fury of biblical proportion - and rightly so.

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Mr. Rae himself is normally a thoughtful, articulate and measured commentator. Like any member of Parliament, he will over-reach from time to time but comparing staff members of the Prime Ministers Office to jihadis - a term often used as a synonym for terrorists - is offensive. Being a partisan is one thing, but a jihadi is quite another. Come on Bob!

His comments also speak to an attitude of moral superiority still found in within the Liberal Party's senior ranks. Many Grits still feel wronged that the public has not come to their senses and put them back in their rightful position as our nation's governors. This place called Canada is their burden and they will do as they see fit.

What does Michael Ignatieff say about his former roommate's adventures in etymology? I saw Mr. Ignatieff proselytizing in St. John's this week about how his Liberals weren't a nasty bunch - they attack ideas apparently, not people. Someone clearly forgot to tell Mr. Rae.

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