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Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff speaks during Question Period on June 9, 2009.


Ottawa of course has gone mad again with election speculation. Will Iggy or won't Iggy force a national vote in the summer? As Canada is slowly showing signs of possibly coming out of the global recession, the potential of a ballot now seems absurd.

Other than hubris and an attempt at a quick return to power, an election soon makes little sense if you are a Liberal.

What will your election narrative be? Stephen Harper is not up to the job? Yet you have effectively supported every action he has undertaken including stimulus spending and the auto-bailout.

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The deficit is out of control? Hmm, that is interesting. See above commentary plus add that you'd spend more on EI, you have suggested you'd bring back the Kelowna Accord and spend more to create a universal child-care system. That isn't going to be paid for with monopoly money. Let us not forget the $300-million cost of an election - surely you'd rather spend that money in a more productive, direct manner.

The stimulus spending is not getting out quickly enough? So the Liberal Party's solution is to force an election and delay for a minimum of two months, during the height of the construction season, much needed investments in communities? That would be one hell of a mixed message.

EI reform is the path to victory? I get the fairness angle. But you are going to argue that spending more and increasing the burden to employers is a form of responsible economic management? Again, go for it if you think it will sell when you are chastising your main opponent for economic mismanagement. While you are at it, I have a great deal for you on some swamp land in Florida.

One last point - how do you think the public might react to the coalition reunion summer tour? You and your buddies "fast" and "loose" should recall that the Canadian public is not overly fond of self-interested partisan games in tough times. Can't imagine the public will be greeting you on their front porches with a smile on their faces when you are left wanting to explain why you are wasting their money for your latest power play.

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