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I think the rest of the country, outside of Quebec, has a respectful curiosity about Mr. Duceppe, the Bloc and whatever it is they stand for at the moment. Certainly, he was politely received in Newfoundland (aka Island of Powers) and will no doubt have discovered there that directed nationalism in a diverse country, as opposed to dreams of separatism, can go beyond myth and produce economic reward - my province's investment in offshore energy as a prime case in point.

The Duceppe roadshow looks a bit like Alice in Wonderland. Duceppe seems to want to be part of a Mad-Hatter-like never ending tea party. Except this tea party isn't about making change, as it may have once been, but more about selfishly protecting one's own entrenched interests.

Sorry, my resistance to accepting that Duceppe's national tour is about promoting an epic struggle is firm. These days Freedom 55 is a greater priority for many Bloc MPs than a separate Quebec. We should welcome that as a nation but not let the Bloc's identity crisis pass unnoticed.

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