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It's almost impossible to know what to say about the Michael Bryant story, though I'm currently doing my best to figure it out. It's not a political story so much as a crime story and, more importantly, a horrible tragedy that cost a life. These sorts of things don't really lend themselves to punditry, other than to say that the provincial Liberals are undoubtedly relieved that they had a public falling-out with him a few months before this happened.

In a past life, I worked briefly for Bryant - long enough to get a sense of him as a person. To answer the obvious question: No, this doesn't seem like an extension of his personality. There are many reasons to take issue with him, most notably his relentless ambition and the manner in which he treats people in order to advance it. But much as he could be snappish, he wasn't prone to flying off the handle easily. Whatever happened here - and we really don't know yet - it's coming as a shock to pretty well everyone.

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