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In pictures: The aftermath of a house party that got out of hand

Almost 2,000 people mobbed a Brampton high-school party after word of the celebration spread on social media. Damage has been estimated at up to $70,000

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An interior view seen through a broken window taken on Sunday May 4, 2014 of the under-construction mansion that suffered an estimated $70,000 worth of damage after up to 2,000 teens held a party at the site. The party was broken up by a heavy police presence with several arrests made for assaulting police officers and public intoxication.

Chris Young/The Globe and Mail

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Host Canice Ejoh initially said he was expecting about 1,000 people after announcing the gathering on Facebook.

Chris Young/The Globe and Mail

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“I think that social media is not the place to advertise a party, simply because we’re really not aware how far reaching social media really is and how quickly things can get out of control,” said Constable Thomas Ruttan, a spokesman for the Peel Regional Police.

Chris Young/The Globe and Mail

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As many as 60 police units were called to the mansion after a noise complaint from a neighbour.

Chris Young/The Globe and Mail

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“I was convinced that I could handle it,” Mr. Ejoh said on Sunday. “I thought everything was under control. I didn’t want this to happen.”

Chris Young/The Globe and Mail

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