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Collection of Himmler pictures published for first time

A trove of letters, notes and photos was in the possession of an Israeli family

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This 1935 photo provided by German newspaper Die Welt shows a family photo of Heinrich Himmler in Valepp, Bavaria. The picture shows Himmler with his wife Marga, back right, his daughter Gudrun, front centrer, his son Gerhard, front right, and a friend of Gudrun, front left.

©Realworks Ltd./DIE WELT/Associated Press

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This photo, taken on May 29 or 30, 1936, shows Heinrich Himmler during a naval ship tour in Kiel, northern Germany.

©Realworks Ltd./DIE WELT/Associated Press

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This May 18, 1944 file photo shows then German chancellor Adolf Hitler, left, shaking hands with German Interior Minister and head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, somewhere in Germany. From left to right; Hitler, Minister Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, Admiral Karl Doenitz, Himmler and Field Marshal General Erhard Milch.

Associated Press

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This Jan 1, 1946 file photo shows Margarete Himmler, wife of the German S.S. chief, centre, as she reads over some papers with her daughter Gudrun, right, as they are watched by Louise Cuyon-Witzschel, who was secretary at the S.S. headquarters in Italy, at Nuremberg, Germany, where they are waiting to testify in the trial of Major Nazi War Criminals.

Associated Press

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This undated file photo shows Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, at an unknown location in Germany.

Associated Press

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