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Jaggi Singh responds to video: It's a tourist guide!

Received an email from Jaggi Singh this afternoon, offering his take on the Mon voyage à Toronto video. Just to be clear, Mr. Singh did not produce the video, he simply Tweeted about it this morning when he saw it. And what he saw is a bit different than what I saw. I found it troubling that images of Toronto locations were shown juxtaposed with maps indicating their street locations, which were marked with skull and cross bones. Call me old fashioned, but I find that skull and cross bones usually indicate a place where something bad will happen, like on board a pirate ship or in that cabinet where all the toxic cleaning chemicals are kept.

"I don't see any 'targets' in the video; that's your personal interpretation," Mr. Singh wrote. "What I see are buildings of downtown Toronto and close-ups on street signs and intersections (in a video obviously meant for French-speaking protesters not familiar with Toronto)." Including the Hockey Hall of Fame, he believes, is just a handy guide for visitors who might want to pay tribute to their sports heroes. "Are you serious about people potentially targetting the Hockey Hall of Fame?" he asked. "Many Montrealers coming to Toronto would want to visit the Hall of Fame, and check out all those Stanley Cups Montreal has won. Some would whine about how the Hall of Fame should be in Montreal, not Toronto (you know, in a city that actually remembers having Stanley Cup parades within the last 43 years). The Hall of Fame just happens to be a landmark, at a key intersection in relation to the security perimeter." Right, and the McDonald's is just somewhere anti-globalization protesters might want to grab a bite to eat, and the TD bank a handy place to grab some cash.

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