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In Pictures: See welder Michael Reid at work

The skilled tradesman helps make heavy farm equipment at Morris Industries

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Ontario resident Michael Reid struck out for Saskatchewan after his wife found a slew of job listings for welders on the provincial government’s website. ‘There’s lots of work’ for skilled tradesmen in Western Canada, he said.

SHANNON DEVEAU/The Globe and Mail

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Mr. Reid found work at Yorkton-based farm equipment manufacturer Morris Industries Ltd., which snapped up the young welder after seeing a demonstration of his skills. Welding involves mastery of the various processes used to blend and permanently join two pieces of metal.

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Because welders are needed in practically every industrial sector, the war for talent is intense. Welders are employed in a variety of industries, including vessel or structural steel assembly, pipeline construction, commercial construction, industrial construction, steel fabrication and heavy equipment repair.

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Morris Industries appealed to Mr. Reid because of the training opportunities and the room for advancement. When the welding work slows down, Mr. Reid has the chance to learn other aspects of the manufacturing operation, such as machining and assembly.

SHANNON DEVEAU/The Globe and Mail

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Mr. Reid, who says he would feel stifled in an office job, says he finds his work as a welder for Morris Industries rewarding. In Saskatchewan, he adds, ‘everybody knows Morris.’

SHANNON DEVEAU/The Globe and Mail

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