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Take control of your e-mail by setting time priorities

Take control of your e-mail by setting time priorities



Handle your e-mail by time priorities

Differentiate your e-mail times, so that different sessions in the day or week have different purposes. Information overload expert Nathan Zeldes notes that first thing in the morning he simply scans for urgent e-mails that came in overnight, without attacking the rest of the pile. If you work with people in distant time zones, deal with their e-mails at a time that helps to keep the work moving. If work-life balance is important, build in a session after the kids are put to bed. Nathan Zeldes Newsletter

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Measure your company by those who leave

During a recent business trip to Iran, Canadian consultant Donald Cooper was taken by how many people asked him how they could emigrate to Canada. He notes that one of the best measures of the health of a country – or a company – is the type of people who are leaving. He asks: What quality of people are leaving your business and what does it tell you about whether it is a healthy place to be? Donald Cooper Corp. Newsletter


Big problems start with small breaks

The recent public resignation by a Goldman Sachs employee in a New York Times op-ed article reminded North Carolina-based consultant Wally Bock that cultures don't go bad all at once. It happens over time, and starts with small things being ignored, just as neighbourhood decline starts with very small, unnoticed things such as broken windows that aren't repaired. Three Star Leadership blog


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Set default view for Windows folders

Tech columnist Dennis O'Reilly says to set a default view for all folders in Windows 7, locate and open a folder that has the settings as you prefer, Click Folder Options on the Tools menu; click Apply To All Folders on the View tab; and then click Yes and OK.

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