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No one likes a boss who excessively scrutinizes work and constantly checks in, but if you have a controlling boss you don't have to suffer, says Harvard Business Review.

Having a boss who scrutinizes your work or tells you precisely how to do things is frustrating. If you have an overly controlling manager, try these three things:

1. Don't fight it. Don't rail against the behaviour. That will only cause your manager to distrust you and get more involved.

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2. Understand the cause. Is your boss under immense pressure? Does he not have the right skills for the job? Know what worries your boss and try to assuage his concerns.

3. Keep your boss in the loop. Micromanagers are often motivated by anxiety. Proactively keep your manager informed of your progress. Schedule regular check-ins or send unprompted e-mails that help her feel part of the process.

This management tip was adapted from " Stop Being Micromanaged" by Amy Gallo.

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