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Photographer Louie Palu chronicles Canada's trade in a notorious mineral

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Piles of asbestos tailings in Thetford Mines often date back a century or more.

Louie Palu/Louie Palu

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An open-pit mine owned by LAB Chrysotile.

Louie Palu/Louie Palu

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Tailings piles are barren of vegetation, even after many years.

Louie Palu/Louie Palu

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The town of Black Lake huddles in the space not used by mines.

Louie Palu/Louie Palu

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Downtown Thetford Mines on a rainy September night.

Louie Palu/Louie Palu

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Retired miner Ritchie Harnish holds a piece of asbestos-bearing rock.

Louie Palu

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