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Your Business columnist Ryan Caligiuri.

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Everyone has been the target of a 'spray and pray' marketing campaign – blasting large groups of potential customers indiscriminately, then sitting back and praying that someone will take notice.

More often what happens is that recipients toss a direct mailer in the recycle bin, ignore the ad or delete the e-mail without even giving it a read.

Spray and pray marketing is expensive, wasteful and can harm an entrepreneur's credibility, says marketing expert and Your Business columnist Ryan Caligiuri.

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The better way: investment marketing, where you reach out to smaller groups, targeting specific people and tailoring each piece of communication to be relevant to the recipient. You take the time and effort to make your investment pay dividends.

Mr. Caligiuri was online to discuss his latest column, which you can read here, and field questions from readers. See the box below.

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