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Hope everyone had a good weekend. The newsy thing you might be interested in is that yes, Hedo Turkoglu is flying to Hartford and will make his Raptors debut tomorrow night against the Celtics. Antoine Wright will not be travelling as he continues to rehab his banged-up knee. I didn't get a chance to ask if Sonny Weems will be making the trip, but put it this way: Unless my foot is about to fall off, if I'm Sonny Weems I'm playing every minute they can possibly give me before Wright comes back. You don't get a chance to crack an NBA rotation that often and Weems hasn't quite managed the feat yet, so sore foot or no, you gotta play. And if he can't figure that out, maybe that's your answer.

Not going to bore anyone with the rehash of Sunday's game but here's some mini things:

1. The first note I made on DeRozan was him jumping out to bump Randy Foye as he was cutting off the high post early in the game. DeRozan bumped him hard, and Foye let out a big grunt. I took that as a sign that DeRozan is willing to play a little more physical than he looks; course he lost Foye on the exact same cut a moment later, but that does happen; rookies banging cutters doesn't always. The other positive thing was that DeRozan spent a lot of time on his back on Sunday; he took some hard shots going to the rim including one just before his breakaway dunk in the fourth which actually was one of those dunks where you could get taken out pretty hard if, say, James Posey was lurking, so I thought it a good sign that he kept elevating after all the bangs.

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2. Is it just me or does Mike Miller look like David Foster Wallace after a few doses of HGH?

3. Not sold on Marco Belinelli yet; sorry. You know the way sometimes you're playing pickup and the smallest guy who can't do anything else becomes the de facto point guard? He's not better at being point guard than anyone else, he just ends up doing it by default because what else could he do? The game goes downhill from there usually. This is how I feel about Marco Belinelli playing two guard. They run all this stuff for him and set all these screens so he can get the ball and get shots because basketball orthodoxy dictates that that's how two guards play: he's the two guard, so we better get him shots. But the orthodoxy stems from the idea that two guards are your most versatile offensive players - you know, like Kobe or Jordan. I'm not sure getting Belinelli shots at the expense of other guys is a good way to run your team. But hey, it's early.

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