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True North is waiting this one out, perhaps hoping that the push to "Bring back the Jets" dies down a little.

But that isn't happening. In fact, in the past week the chorus from fans is only getting louder, calling for the new Winnipeg NHL franchise to be called what it was back in 1995-96 when they left town.

There's even a petition online with more than 12,000 signatures asking for them to be the Jets.

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And after tickets sold out in a matter of minutes on the weekend, Paul Friesen at the Winnipeg Sun argues that giving fans the name they want would be a good way to appease all of those left without access to the games.

True North chairman Mark Chipman said last week at the press conference that the name would be picked in the near future, with rumblings following that 10 days would be a likely timeline. That would mean an announcement later this week, likely on an off day in the Stanley Cup finals.

Since then, there's hardly been a peep about the name, other than that growing cry from the fan base.

One wonders what the holdup is.

"Jets" is currently trending in public opinion polls at between 50 to 75 per cent as the fan base's name of choice. The league has said it will make the trademarks available. Jerseys and merchandise are already widely available and they could, presumably, hit the ground running.

Chipman has good intentions with wanting to keep the Moose name, as he's worked for more than a decade to build that brand and give it a different, winning identity than the Jets often had. And just as they were stunned by the response the ticket drive got, Truth North is likely overhwelmed by how much pressure there's been in terms of the name.

But the fact is that many fans bought season tickets last week envisioning the Return of the Jets, not the Promotion of the Moose, and given just how much they've stepped up, they deserve what they want.

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Put it to a public vote if you have to, but it's clear already what people will pick.

Why kill any of the good vibrations created by last week's announcement by going against that?

Bring back the Jets already.

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