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New trend on Twitter: handing over your account

A screengrab of @MLB, Major League Baseball's twitter account, taken over for 24 hours by comedian Stephen Colbert.


"If I'm in charge of MLB tweets, I can do trades, right? Cardinals, I'll give you two cameras and a Teleprompter for Albert Pujols."

If this looks like a random baseball fan tweeting, think again. This message is from the official Major League Baseball Twitter page ( @MLB). The only twist is that for 24 hours funnyman Stephen Colbert has made the account his personal playground, thanks to a bet he won with the organization.

The wit doesn't stop at trades. Colbert also has food advice: "Pro Tip: If you're taken out to the ballgame, you don't need peanuts AND crackerjacks. The crackerjacks already have peanuts." While @MLB has more than a million followers already, this stunt is bound to push those numbers even higher.

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Hijacking a Twitter account has long been something feared. Just a few weeks ago the official Fox News account was hacked, leading to a tweet that declared President Barack Obama dead. This month the latest social media trend seems to be encouraging legitimate takeovers.

The group ( @water), which works with communities in developing countries to meet water and sanitation needs, will soon be handing its Twitter profile over to a contest winner. In what they're calling a " Twakeover," the winner with the most online votes will have access to @water's more than 400-thousand followers for a full week in September.

While it is a risk for brands (after all, you don't really know what someone else is going to tweet on your prized Twitter profile), takeovers like this are generating a lot of press on the social media community. Hopefully the account recipients will be respectful and do no harm to the owner's image.

This got me thinking. While highly unlikely, what would be some good "twakeovers" that would get me following? Here are my top 5.

Have your own suggestions? Post your idea for other "twakeovers" in the comments.

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