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Scroll through some images of games available for the new Nintendo handheld device

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Asphalt 3D: Driving games are supposed to be among the primary beneficiaries of stereoscopic gaming, the depth effect providing players a better feel for the distances of approaching cars and corners.


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Super Monkey Ball 3D: Rolling a ball around the 3DS screen by tilting the display is a sure-fire way to lose the stereoscopic sweet spot and experience ghosting.


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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D: I don?t know enough about soccer to say whether the sport?s first appearance on Nintendo?s new handheld captures all of its nuances, but I do know it?s a great demonstration for the system?s graphics potential and depth-enhancing capability.


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Rayman 3D: An adaptation of Rayman 2, the beloved polygonal platformer originally released for Dreamcast, Rayman 3D sees Ubisoft?s limbless hero doing battle against robot pirates in an attempt to recover 1,000 scattered energy shards and save his world from slavery.


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Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D: This reptilian fighter has players select and customize a great lizard before heading out into the jungles and deserts of the Jurassic period to wage war against the Arkosaurus, a powerful predator threatening the extinction of all other species.


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Pilotwings Resort: This gentle-spirited flying game has players soaring above a small island in crafts ranging from propeller planes to pedal-powered gliders.


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Steel Diver: Viewed in 2-D mode this submarine adventure involving depth charges, dives, and daring attacks is fun but flat ? just another side-scrolling game set in a world with all the depth of a piece of paper.


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Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition: Capcom?s popular side-scrolling fighter ? originally released for much more powerful platforms like Xbox 360 ? looks great on the 3DS, though it?s another case of a game that doesn?t really need to be viewed in 3-D.


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Nintendogs + Cats: Sequel to one of the most popular handheld games ever made, Nintendogs + Cats shines a spotlight on the 3DS?s improved graphics capabilities.


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