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In pictures: Solar energy powers clinic in Haiti

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The entrance to the Partners in Health Clinic at Thomonde in the Central Plateau, Haiti.

Courtesy of SELF/Nadia Todres

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The rebuilding of Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010 underscored the importance of having reliable renewable energy sources, particularly in hospitals “where doctors operating or women in labour can’t have the lights going out when a generator breaks down or runs out of fuel,” according to SELF.

Courtesy of SELF/Nadia Todres

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The hospital's solar power system – made up of solar panels to harness the energy and deep-cycle batteries for storage – provides electricity for the hospital’s lighting, lab equipment, refrigerators, computers and satellite communications systems around the clock.

Courtesy of SELF/Nadia Todres

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Training members of the local community to maintain and operate the system was an essential part of the process, according to SELF executive director Bob Freling.

Courtesy of SELF/Nadia Todres

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